Shipping Information

While some of our products like chargers and accessories can be shipped easily worldwide, most batteries are heavy and inconvenient for shipping. We ask that you contact us before making your order to speak with a sales person about your specific shipping needs.

Delivery Services
Delivery services are available for some local customers in certain instances. Please call us to find out if your order is eligible.

Chargers And Accessories
Chargers and accessories can be shipped worldwide. Our online store only allows shipping to Canada and the United States, however other arrangements can be made.

AGM and Dry Charge
AGM and dry charge batteries can also be shipped via land sea or air in reasonable quantities. Dry charge are excellent for long storage and supplies of battery electrolyte can be obtained worldwide.

Flooded Batteries
Most of the flooded batteries we carry can be shipped in reasonable quantities to anywhere in North America. Shipping beyond North America can be done by sea container, and would be most economical in quantities of 500 or more units.

Pick-up in Store and Pay in Store
We offer a both Pick-up In store and a Pay in Store options. You can choose to pay for your order online and pick it up in our store at your convenience. If you choose to pay in store, a Davidson Battery salesperson will call you to confirm your order and pickup time.

Currently, any products over 20 lbs are only eligible for In-Store Pickup or Custom Shipping. When choosing custom shipping, please make sure you contact us to make arrangements.

If you have questions about payment, delivery or how best to ship your product please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to answer your questions!